Contract Negotiations, Review & Monitoring

C&M Construction Consultants can assist you with contract review, negotiations, and monitoring results.

Successful construction or remodeling projects depend on several key factors. One of these is implementation of a fair and competitive contractor selection process. Another is having a clear, concise and fair contract between the owner and the general contractor.

Three elements are essential in good contract negotiations:

  • Selecting a reputable company
  • Defining your requirements
  • Understanding your bargaining power

It is also helpful to know the contractor’s profit centers when negotiating or signing a contract:

  • Project fee
  • Field labor
  • Contractor owner equipment
  • Project management labor
  • Insurance
  • Small tools and consumables
  • General conditions
  • Change orders
  • Sub-guard

C&M Construction Consultants has developed a process for contract review and is adept with negotiations. Our many years of experience will save the owner money and reduce risk while allowing the contractor a fair profit for quality work.

Our Services Include:

  • Reviewing contracts and making recommendations
  • Identifying possible negotiation points
  • Acting as liaison between contractor and owner
  • Monitoring contract adherence                         

For more detailed information regarding these services, please contact a C&M Construction Consultant representative.