The COVID-19 Pandemic has affected nearly every business in some way, and construction projects are no exception.  Conducting normal business routines became a challenge initially with restrictions on face-to-face meetings and traveling. Thanks to technology at hand, we learned to adapt to and meet the challenges of carrying out a virtual new normal.

Construction audit is not exempt from any of these issues. In “normal” times, construction audits involved face-to-face meetings and often travel. We visited construction sites to verify what work had been completed, how many people were involved, and what equipment was on site, all of which could not physically be done during a time of pandemic.

To mitigate these COVID-19-induced challenges, construction audit firms like other businesses worked remotely, learned a new verb, and Zoomed virtual meetings.

From a construction audit perspective, we virtually looked at construction progress via on-site web cams, project photos, drone video footage, or verbal and written accounts from owner’s reps and architects who had been on site.  While not perfect, virtual site visits allowed us a form of costs and construction progress verification.

The construction audit process has adapted to the times. Going forward, no one knows if the 2020-way of conducting business will become the new normal or if it will return to the pre-pandemic era or become some hybrid variation.

One thing is for sure, the construction audit process can and will go on – protecting clients from risk and helping them save money.

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